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Nano News

Congratulations to NanoEngineering Professor, Shirley Meng, for being named this year's winner of the Faraday Medal.  Professor Meng will deliver the Faraday Medal lecture at Electrochem 2020 in Nottingham.  

A NanoEngineering team, led by professor Kenneth Vecchio and his Ph.D. student Kevin Kaufmann, have developed a machine learning algorithm technique that can determine crystal structures in a less labor-intensive manner.

Professor Oscar Vazquez-Mena, a NanoEngineering professor, was named an Emerging Scholar for 2020 by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education magazine. This honor is in recognition of his work with underrepresented students as part of his program called Bridges to Education.

NanoEngineering professor, Marc Meyers, along with his group and a group from UC Berkeley, collected hair samples from numerous mammals, including humans, to study their characteristics.

NanoEngineering professor, Dr. Sheng Xu, and a team of engineers, have developed a new method that may improve efficiency and fabricate longer lasting perovskite solar cells, LEDs and photodetectors.

NanoEngineering Professor, Joseph Wang and fellow senior authors have developed a new type of micromotor that can move around individual cells and microscopic particles without damaging them.

Congratulations to NanoEngineering professor, Dr.

Research findings by NanoEngineering professor, Dr.

NanoEngineering professor, Dr. Shirley Meng and colleagues have discovered the reason behind the failure of lithium metal batteries.

Researchers led by NanoEngineering professor, Dr. Ert. Cubukcu, have developed a wave guide that is three layers of atoms thin - the thinnest optical device in the world. To create it, researchers used advanced micro- and nanofabrication techniques.

Dept News

Congratulations to Dr. Yanqi Luo (Fenning Research Group), who recently received her Ph.D in NanoEngineering. Her defense on "Revealing Composition-Performance Relationships in Halide Perovskite Solar Cells by Correlative Microscopy" was presented on March 30, 2020. Dr.

Congratulations to our alumnus, Amay Bandokar, who took a Faculty position at North Carolina State University.  Dr. Bandokar graduated with a Ph.D. in NanoEngineering. We are proud of his accomplishment and wish him well in his new position!

Congratulations to our students who were named recipients of the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program award. We are proud of each student and their huge accomplishment:


Congratulations to Dr. Chava Angell on receiving her Ph.D in NanoEngineering for her defense on “Co-Opting Rolling Circle Amplification to Create Lower Cost DNA Nanostructures”.

Congratulations to Chemical Engineering undergraduate, Dora Ogbonna, who was selected as a 2020 Goldwater Scholar. She is the only student selected from UC San Diego this year, and the first student ever to be selected from the NanoEngineering Department.

Congratulations to Dr. Zihan Xu on receiving her Ph.D in NanoEngineering for her defense on “Photodetection in Disordered Materials”. We are very proud of her achievements and wish her well on exploring career opportunities in the industry! 


Congratulations to Dr. Jeanne E. Lemaster (Jokerst Bioimaging Lab), who recently received her Ph.D in NanoEngineering. Her defense on "The Development and Application of Nanoparticles for Cell Tracking and Multimodal Imaging" was presented on December 4, 2019. Dr.

Congratulations to Dr. Shangting You (Chen Laboratory), who recently received his Ph.D in NanoEngineering. His defense on "Manipulating Light-Matter Interactions in Photopolymerization-Based Microscale 3D Printing" was presented on December 5, 2019. Dr.

Congratulations to Ashay Anurag (Kummel Lab), who recently received his M.S. in NanoEngineering. His thesis defense on "Passivation for Selective ALD and CVD of Metals, Metal Oxides and Metal Silicides" was presented on December 5, 2019.

Congratulations to Dr. Fernando Soto (Joseph Wang's Nanobioelectronics), who recently received his Ph.D in NanoEngineering. His defense on "Engineering Micro/Nanorobots Towards Biomedical Applications:Targeted Delivery, Surgery and Detoxification" was presented on October 16, 2019. Dr.